Saturday, April 4, 2009

not gone yet

dear creeps,

this first blog is about how i bought my ticket. i bought it on the internet, right now. i'm leaving tuesday, april 7th, at 2:10 pm!!!! yahoo. if you have anything you want me to bring to india and hang on an india xmas tree or give to an orphan, gimme it before tuesday!! also, post your address here so i can send you weird stuff from india. see you in the funky pages.


  1. CODY! I can't wait to read about your adventures and misadventures
    with love in my heart I bid you farewell.

  2. hey i want a magic lamp......

  3. can you bring me back an Indian? i want a little one.

  4. ok so my address is
    arlette opazo
    3668 turtle island ct
    west palm beach fl 33411

    basically since im family i want something good. lol. mostly just be safe....i have always wanted to go...take lots of pictures and as is intended by this site write all about it.

    luv you bro.

  5. Hey love!!!! visit a harem for me! and take some elephant and sky pics!

    Annika B Osborn
    710 E 19th street
    Oakland, CA 94606- 2523

  6. Yo Cody! I am so jealous! I would like you to bring me a bed of nails and a swami charming a snake. Or at least I hope you see some dudes charming snakes 'cause they tried to outlaw that.

    386 Franklin St #1
    Napa, CA 94559

    Have fun!!!!

  7. can i have a genie lamp?

    mr morgan schwartz-dale
    229 se 26th ave
    portland or 97214

  8. po box 29
    wheeler, or 97147

    have fun buddy!

  9. muss up yr hair n shake some lice out into an envelope for me:
    Dirty Danson
    2185 Coronado Ave
    Napa, Ca. 94558