Thursday, April 16, 2009


chelsea: ok. that sounds real fun actually. i could really do that. are you still reading our book? i am 150 pages deep. should we finish before my return? i think so.

esther: you may get to see the real deal, if i can mail you a pair.

june: you are much to big to take w/me. start eating purina, and maybe you will turn into a chihuahua. pleased to make you LOL, that's all i wanna do. i'm glad ppl like this trash! also, of course i will bring you something, duh. also, queerbandreviews?: hahaha wtf

charckles: bro, that was the most inspiring bon voyage. i'm trying to eat hella stuff. i ate a snickers bar today. and something called coco-dance x2. twas like a Mounds, but shittier and german. i keep looking fer Squirt, but no dice. hell of refreshing grapefruit bev. i think i am getting constipated by these 3rd world bacteria. will that chunk me up? me only turding every 2 or 3 daze. going to be hell of weird going home and not have every single person on the street wave at me and want to ask me a hundered million dollar questions. dood, you do not even need thrift stores. everything looks like it is from a thriftstore like 20 years ago and it is cheaper new in India than it would be used at a USA thrift store. i think the dust & sun hell of ages things, and companies only want ultra cheap designs/advertising, so everything looks amazing.

jolene: i'm w/my pal Laurel, also one of Shandar's roommates. should i publish my adventures? a tour-guide/diary/funny farm?? what size bed of nails? twin, double, california king?

katie: get yr head outta them cloudz! stop yr dream-makin, get real, get over here! get to the foreign land!! they need you. ok, or actually, dream on, dream on, dream until the dream-uh come-uh true. dream until yer dream visionz are complete, then git yr travel on. sweat a lil extra for me, i cant seem to sweat enuff.

dirty danson: lice on ice, one nite only, tickets comin to yr door.

paddy: how about 4 lil 5 lil or 6 lil injuns? i think i can do that. would you prefer it in a cupboard? or ordinary parcel?

andrew: how about a desk lamp instead? i think i can get them wholesale here. magic head lamp? for magic mining? dwarf cave?

morgan: signs point to 'no'.

annika: ok, i will do it with many prostitute strangers and tell them it is for you. is that what you want?

arlette: i will probably not take a lot of pictures. a few REALLY good ones? i can't believe you live on turtle island, holy smokes, that sounds way better than any man-inhabited country.

bianca: you are a sweet treat. that is all.


  1. You definitely need to publish a travel guide. People would be interested and you should illustrate it yourself, maybe take pics and put them in there too- it would be so rad.
    A bed of nails jumbo rat sized used as a brillow brush.

  2. oh shit, i don't wanna get my hopes up. toooo late. send me those undies!